All Oulun Seta peer support group meetings are cancelled until further notice in compliance with new health recommendations regarding avoidance of close contact.

We are investigating possibilities to offer our already scheduled group meetings online starting April through group chats or other similar methods. Please follow our notices regarding online groups, upcoming times will be added to our calendar as soon as they are confirmed. The possibility of face-to-face group meetings will be re-evaluated in the beginning of April.

In the absence of group meetings, you can get one-on-one peer support from our trained volunteers. Like our groups, our support services are confidential and follow the same non-discrimination and safe space guidelines. Support service volunteers offer peer support primarily via email, as well as by phone and other methods agreed upon by the supporter and the client as necessary. Support is always available at least in Finnish and English. Support requests and enquiries can be set to tukihenkilot [at]

Additional support for all gender and sexual minorities and their loved ones is available from the national Sinuiksi support services by phone and online chat, as well as from Perhesuhdekeskus information and therapy services.

If you are facing a sudden crisis or require urgent mental health guidance, please contact MIELI Mental Health Finland Crisis Helpline: for service in English or Arabic, call 09 2525 0113 on Mon-Tue 11-15, Wed 13-16 and 17-21, Thu 10-15; for service in Swedish, call 09 2525 0112 on Mon/Wed 16-20, Tue, Thu and Fri 9-13. Service in Finnish is available 24/7.

If you have any questions regarding peer support, our groups, or other support forms we have advertised, please contact our peer support coordinator at ryhmat [at] or our one-on-one support services at tukihenkilot [at]

More information: ryhmat [at]